We are the Passenger Touchpoint Experts

All our products and services aim to improve airport passenger processing by increasing security, safety and efficiency.

We provide solutions running on desktop & mobile and e-gate devices that help the airports to streamline passenger processes, increase security and generate new revenue streams.

We offer an open platform to integrate additional components to support health check procedures as required by governments and authorities. 

With PaxControl’s unique passenger data repository and our experience with the integration of different biometric technologies into the airport and airline IT environments, we deliver the future of airport passenger handling.

Our solutions also generate new revenue streams for airports enabling the sale of additional value added passenger services, such as Lounge or Priority Lane access.


Our comprehensive passenger management solution, designed to automate airport passenger processing.

As part of the PaxControl suite, a number of client applications designed for desktop and mobile devices (agent based processing) and also for free-standing touchpoints, kiosks and e-gate devices (self-service) are included.

A key feature of our solution is that it integrates a huge variety of different hardware components, such as e-gates, cameras, scanners, printers, document readers and 3rd party biometric solutions. Our list of supported devices is constantly growing – we’re happy to share it with you.

The client applications are designed to automate a specific passenger processing step such as boarding pass validation, passenger enrolment, immigration, lounge-access, terminal-access or self-boarding. The central management, configuration and monitoring of all clients plays an integral part of PaxControl.


Our main features

  • PaxControl’s unique Identity Store allows to combine different passenger documents e.g. boarding passes, passports, frequent flyer cards or biometric information under one anonymized identity token. This concept forms the basis for a fast, efficient and secure end-to-end biometric passenger process.
  • Another core feature is our heavily customizable Validation Rule Engine. It allows airports to individually control access on various touchpoints. The rules can be centralized configured and changed on the fly. It supports the combination of internal rules and 3rd party/external services such as airline DCSs or proprietary existing airport validation engines.
  • PaxControl also provides a secured API for third party or custom applications to connect to its core services.


The unique solution for self-service passenger touchpoints that integrates with all common airport and airline IT environments.

GateControl is designed to implement any passenger processing logic required to automate various passenger processing steps at multiple touchpoints and deliver an ongoing customer experience. Its component based software architecture allows to integrate with any type of host application and any type of peripheral devices.

GateControl emulates airport Boarding Gate Readers (Software BGR) and enables seamless integration of biometric passenger processing or any other additional processing logic on self-boarding e-gates.

  • As a biometric touchpoint, GateControl can run in several modes (with or without the option to scan a boarding pass) and connect to several biometric service providers on the market.
  • GateControl is fully integrated into the PaxControl passenger management platform and is certified under the most common CUTE or CUPPS platforms.
  • Our dynamic configuration allows to run in both modes, as a standalone device or connected to our suite, PaxControl, for the full set of functionality.