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Established at more than 120 airports worldwide, Airsphere’s industry preferred PaxControl passenger management solutions have been the choice.

We provide solutions running on desktop, mobile and e-gate devices that help the airports to streamline passenger processes and generate new revenue streams.

We offer an open platform to integrate additional components to support health check procedures as required by governments and authorities. 

With PaxControl’s unique passenger data repository and our enperience in integrating different biometric technologies into airport and airline IT-Environments, we deliver the future of airport passenger handling.

Our solutions also generate new revenue streams for airports enabling the sale of additional value added passenger services, such as Lounge or Priority Lane access.

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PaxControl Virtual Queuing for Düsseldorf Airport

In collaboration with Düsseldorf airport, Airsphere implemented its Virtual Queuing solution in record breaking time frame. The solution allows passengers to book a time slot for security checkpoint on the DUS airport web site.

PaxControl Virtual Queuing is unique in providing access for passengers to a dedicated service of the airport with no additional scan of barcodes, simply by the use of the boarding pass. Airports save effort to control access to the dedicated service as well as passengers gain comfort by simply using the service with their boarding pass. The solution is fully integrated into the PaxControl Passenger Management Solution already in place at DUS airport.

The PaxControl Virtual Queuing Booking App seemlessly inetegrates into the airport’s web sites by allowing customization of content and design. The App is fully responsive and will look great on any screen size and device.

The solution helps the DUS airport to manage passenger flows and reduce waiting times for passengers at security. The more passengers will use the solution, the more predictable loads the airport can expect for security operations. 


Biometric Boarding with Lufthansa & Star Alliance in Frankfurt and Munich

In collaboration with Star Alliance, Lufthansa, NEC, Fraport and Munich Airport, we deliver a seemless biometric passenger experience at pre-security, lounge and boarding.


Airsphere’s solution has been fully integrated with Star Biometric Hub – the first airline-driven biometric data processing platform worldwide.

As one of our key deliveries in this project we seemlessly integrated biometric processes on multiple e-gate devices, e.g. on gates from Dormakaba and Gunnebo. In a strong and deep partnership with all parties involved, we tested, developed and consulted onwards to have a perfect solution. We tested and defined the process, the ideal camera choice and positioning on the touchpoint device. With the use of our own developed simulation tools, holding workshops in our testing lab Munich, and with working hand in hand with all our partners, we provided Lufthansa and the integrating airports a close-to-real testing environement to assure a perfect start in production.

Biometric Boarding at Orlando Airport

Orlando International Airport, the largest airport in Florida is the first to provide a large scale biometric boarding experience for international passengers

Airsphere’s GateControl solution powers all biometric e-gates for international flights. In collaboration with SITA and the SITA SmartPath solution, Gunnebo and the Gunnebo AFL e-gate hardware, GateControl provides a one-stop biometric boarding experience.

GateControl invites passengers to enter the gate, look to the camera, identifies the passenger via a CBP facial lookup and gets the boarding authorization from the airline DCS all within a few seconds. Passengers simply board by looking into the camera. For airlines that do not yet support the TVS UID boarding in their DCS, GateControl provides a hybrid approach, where passengers still scan their boarding pass, followed by a biometric verification with TVS. This allows all airlines to board passengers completely with CBP TVS

For central management, monitoring and configuration all e-gates are connected to the Airsphere PaxControl server, that also provides a number of statistical information on the efficency of the boarding process, passenger numbers, system availability and more

Passenger automation at Avinor airports

Avinor is responsible for the 46 state-owned airports and air navigation services for civilian and military aviation in Norway. During the last years Avinor has implemented a fast program for passenger automation with the implementation of about 250 e-gates for self-boarding and pre-security access in the major airports of the country.

Avinor has chosen the Airsphere GateControl e-gate client software to operate the KABA HSB-M03 e-gates for all access points. For boarding gates GateControl interfaces with the airport’s Common Use System.

All e-gates connect via LAN into Airsphere’s PaxControl system located in a datacenter in Oslo for Management and Monitoring of the devices. With PaxControl, Avinor saves a lot of time managing and updating the e-gates. Central configuration & customization, central software updates, central log file storage make the operation of the e-gates simple, efficient and highly reliable. Adding more gates is a simple task since a new gate will pull its configuration directly from the server and operate in the way it is defined by the server. Avinor has a clear visual overview on the health status of all e-gates and gets automatically alerted when an e-gate is running into a technical problem.

Furthermore since all passenger transactions are stored the PaxControl server, Avinor is able to pull reports on passengers, gate usage & gate performance.